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  • Ke$ha Beard Party Bundle
    Item #: FXCTKEHBN002
    Ke$ha Long Live The 80s Bundle contains the Glitter Bird Junior V-Neck tee, Temporary Tattoos, and Leopard Bandanna! Buy together and save $10.00! A must have for any Ke$ha fan.
    • $27.95
  • Ke$ha Mr. Peeps Jr. Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH57341
    Ke$ha Mr. Peeps Jr. Tee features a portrait of her infamous cat on a stripe colored background. Black.
    • $24.95
  • Kesha Tiger Burnout White Babydoll
    Item #: FXCTKEH49791
    This Junior tee has undergone a special treatment where sections appear to have been 'burned out' to create a sheer effect. White sheer cotton with an image that is half tiger and half Ke$ha. The middle upper back has the Ke$ha logo printed on it. 60% cotton/40% polyester.
    • $14.95
  • Ke$ha Logo Jr. Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH57336
    Ke$ha Jr Logo Tee features Ke$ha's name written in a gold foil print. Black and gold.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Pink Masked Jr. Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH57409
    Ke$ha Pink Masked Jr. Tee features masked photo of Ke$ha with "Warrior" written below on a pink lilac jr. tee.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Warrior Tour Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH57337
    Ke$ha Warrior 2013 Tour Tee features album artwork in purple and green with 2013 tour itinerary on the back. Black.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Galaxy Men's Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH56324
    Ke$ha Galaxy Men's Tee. Black.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Galaxy Women's Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH56327
    Ke$ha Galaxy Women's Tee. Black.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha We R Who We R Junior Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH52626
    We R Who We R is printed in blue tiger stripe on the front of this soft Juniors tee. The Ke$ha logo is printed in the same blue tiger stripes on the back. Black 100% soft cotton.
    • $14.95
  • Ke$ha Dead Flower Jr. Tee
    Item #: FXCTKEH57343
    Ke$ha Dead Flower Jr. Tee features a white and yellow image of Ke$ha surrounded by flowers and skulls.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Warrior Racerback Tank
    Item #: FXCTKEH57344
    Ke$ha Warrior Racerback Tank features a repeated Warrior pattern and large Ke$ha log in gold.
    • $24.95
  • Ke$ha Warrior Bandana
    Item #: FXAMKEH57340
    Ke$ha Warrior Badana features a red, white, and blue flag design.
    • $9.95
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