• Ke$ha Button 4-pack
    Item #: FXAMKEH51261
    Ke$ha 4-button pack, one with an American flag and Ke$ha, an image of Ke$ha and her name, a K$, and one that reads Get $leazy.
    • US $2.95
  • Ke$ha Glitter Pack
    Item #: FXAMKEH57295
    Ke$ha Glitter Pack features 6 official Ke$ha glitters tubes. Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, and Gold.
    • US $14.95
    • US $3.95
  • Ke$ha Temporary Tattoos
    Item #: FXAMKEH51250
    Ke$ha temporary tattoo sheet with 5 tattoos: skull and crossbones, K$, cross, $, and an anchor.
    • US $1.95
  • Ke$ha ""Best Night Of My Life"" Keychain
    Item #: FXAMKEH57294
    Ke$ha "Best Night Of My Life" Keychain features a seductive photo of Ke$ha on one side and multi-colored glitter text on the other.
    • US $4.95
    • US $2.95
  • Ke$ha Leopard Bandana
    Item #: FXAMKEH51243
    Ke$ha leopard print bandanna with the Ke$ha logo in the center and four K$ in the corners. Neon Lime Green 100% cotton.
    • US $7.95
  • Ke$ha Gift Wrap
    Item #: FXAMKEH53480
    Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays ... wrap any gift with this leopard and logo print, neon green, Ke$ha wrapping paper and you're sure to get ANY party started.
    • US $7.95